Arctic Canopy

by Entry Level

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Arctic Canopy is the (true) debut EP of experimental, forest-dwelling indie band Entry Level. Produced from bare-minimum equipment and born from stark perseverance, the DIY neo-psychedelia four piece band of friends bring an album filled to the brink of paradoxical entertainment and an especially unique and one of a kind sound.

Entry Level is:
Lane Huitt - Lead Guitar
Dalton Moehnke (Polysemy) - Guitar, Vocals, Synth
Devon Cash - Bass, Vocals
Jeremiah Perry-Weed (☼celot) - Drums, Vocals



released June 6, 2014

All songs written and recorded by Entry Level
Iambic Pentameter was recorded and mastered by Brent Alan at Brent Alan studios, Sisters OR
Special thanks to Hannah Stuwe for playing sax on Margarine Groove, Mike Judge, Pendleton Ward, Stephen Hillenburg, Yotam Perel, Caspar David Friedrich for album art, Wyatt Hougham, all of our various musical inspirations, Grandma Helen, Grant, Brogan, Shayna, Brenna, and everyone who went to Sasquatch 2014.



all rights reserved


Entry Level Bend, Oregon

A multidimensional expression of elegiac saudade, benign monolithic dynamism, and jubilant, sensuous organic order. A stream of consciousness collective, bringing to life the nuances of the subconscious through the composition of sound.

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Track Name: Too Turnt
Here we are again it seems its just another day.
But from where I stand it looks like nothings really changed.
But I still want tomorrow to bring me here again
Just for the chance to see you then.

Can you hear my voices, as if you have other choices

Sometimes people tell you things you just wont understand
like our summer capo writing dotted and-per-sand
But just keep on moving through confusion while you speak
Or breaking knees and stubbing toes or things that make you weak.

If you keep on getting up
you can take a ride in my magic tea cup
to a land far away where we will want to stay
where its so peaceful
cause you worked so hard to fill up your easel
with the light you love reflecting love from up above

Flannel is saving lives, fleeting ships while while flying high
but don't go to quick or you'll forget to say goodbye
just like I did until one Christmas eve ago
but these are things you learn and it just goes to show
in this life, you never really know no you never really know.

what your life could have been
had you looked passed what was hidden
now your time is gone what will you do
as this world spins right in front of you

perhaps you should revert back to the simple life you know
I know you want to see em again so why don't you go
Track Name: Safe
at least I'm safe inside my mind

I'm all alone
Track Name: Iambic Pentameter
If you lose your way
Just find a new path
And soon you'll be gone
In a whole new direction
Track Name: The End of Arlen
sometimes we're all alone
when we're surrounded by our loved ones
this is the end of arlen
i've been waiting to die
that sweet final end
the end of arlen
the end of arlen
Track Name: Trip
puts you underneath its spell
lets you see the world swell
people blur and start to move
now you really feel the groove

checking on you thought your muse
tell us how your girl got used
leaving on and by the by
I forgot to ask you why

I remember seeing the time
never seems to ever go by
touching wind across the boom
being only a golden luum

checking on you thought your muse
tell us how your girl got used
leaving on and by the by
I forgot to ask you why

just remember to relax
gotta take it easy
we can share a laugh
don't forget the trip